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Since established, CHENGUANG has made sustained progress in every aspect, such as the diversified selection of raw materials and the improvement in the mode of production. Meanwhile, in contact with advanced international cultures and concepts of production, we gradually blend the environmental concepts of green, safe production and responsibility to our original core value. The concept of sustainable development is the basis of every point of the industry chain, including raw materials selection, production, marketing and waste treatment.
We have realized that an enterprise is not merely the core force to push forward scientific and technological progress and the economic development of the society, but it is also the environmental problems maker. We have the responsibility to improve the environment in which we live.
On the basis of abiding by values and managing principles of the company, CHENGUANG internalizes the concept of green chemical production.
In this course, we set up three significant elements of our production and operation activities:

1.Energy & Environment
CHENGUANG keeps focusing on the subject of utilizing traditional energy and the research and application of new resources. Environmental pollution can't be avoided in the utilization of traditional energy. Therefore we are trying to develop new production technology and to actively
handle the waste from production in order to reduce pollution. The development and utilization of new energy can improve production efficiency and reduce cost. Most importantly, it can protect the environment we live in.

2. Safety & Health
Safety is also the matter we are concerned for sustainable development. To ensure employees' safety and the long-term development of the enterprise is the duty and target of every enterprise. CHENGUANG Group strictly regulates technique and process of production. We offer our employees with strict training, and conduct careful supervision to ensure the security of production. The safety of transportation is important as well. All the products are well-packaged and delivered in accordance with the characteristics of products. In addition, raw materials and products are carefully tested and scraps and waste water are carefully treated in order to insure the health and safety of customers and employees.

3. Social Responsibility
In recent years, the government has made relevant policies and laws for environmental protection in order to guide the production activity of the enterprises. CHENGUANG strictly abide by the policies and laws of the nation and keep close contact with the government. Furthermore, we will keep improving ourselves to meet customers' requirement and to reach international standards. We will actively corporate with people from all walks of life to promote eco-concept and new technologies which are useful for sustainable development. CHENGUANG is equipped with great technical force. In addition to the support of the R&D team of professionals, we also corporate with experts from universities and institutes.

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